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Advantage of Our Self Ligating Braces

The Design Features of Our Self Ligating Braces ( InteractiverTM Series )

1.Mini contour
The elimination of the elastomeric ligatures increase your inter-bracket distance.

2.Spring clip
The clip of the self ligating braces extends fully through the vertical channel in the self ligating braces body, enhancing the structural integrity of the clip.

3.Base design
*The mesh facilitates bracket management with a ready reference of the quadrant, tooth and prescription.
*An 80 gauge spherical mesh base provides a precise anatomical fit. 

4.Full slot slip coverage
*The system provides full coverage across the entire slot for superior rotational control.
*This allows the clip to interact with the wire both on the mesial and distal, as needed, without the need for auxiliaries.

5.Straight wire technology
The system is a completely adjusted true straight wire appliance system that positions teeth at all four dimensions:

With this completely adjusted four dimensional appliance system you will need no offset bends in the archwires to obtain an optimal finish in most cases (if the brackets are optimally positioned on teeth).

In order to be considered a completely four-dimensional appliance, the self ligating brackets must contain:
*Compound contour base
*Torque in base
*Proper in/out and anti-rotation
*Level slot alignment at the conclusion of appliance therapy

6.Easy Open Clip
*The clip opens easily when pressure is applied occlusally to the v-notched clip at the gingival side of the bracket, using the instrument. 
*The clip can be closed with an instrument or simple finger pressure on the incisal curve.

7.Vertical scribe line
A scribe line on the bracket face aids positioning by providing a convenient reference for orienting the center line of the bracket with the facial axis of the clinical crown.

8.Smooth swept contouring
*Help to reduce occlusal interference while increasing patient comfort.
*Adequate undercuts allow easy anchoring for elastic chains or the fastening of color ties at the patient’s request.

Product Description

Product Name

Interactiver Series Self Ligating Braces (Brackets) of Metal Orthodontic Teeth Braces (Brackets)



*Material: Medical Stainless Steel 17-4

*Type:   Roth / MBT

*Slot:     0.022"

*Hook:   345 with Hook / 3 with Hook / without Hook

*Base:   Bondable Spherical Mesh Base

Packing & Delivery


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Qty:20 pcs (1 set)
G.W/N.W:35/10 gr

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Qty:120 sets
G.W/N.W:4.2/1.2 kgs

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1 - 30 working days after receiving your deposit or payment.

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